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A bold new technology allowing investors to see beyond KOL (key opinion leader) influence; using data analytics and predictive models to mitigate market inefficiencies and create a trading advantage. With Oracle AI not only will you be earlier, you'll make better choices.

Oracle AI's KOL tracker compiles data for the purpose of aggregating trends, sentiment swings, and emerging “metas” to better equip the retail trader with the insight needed to remain competitive in a volatile marketplace. These insights will be queryable, by way of the Oracle AI.

Gated Access

Users will stake $ORACLE tokens to gain access to exclusive features and private data







Oracle has a list of unique features, only available here

KOL feed: Easy at-a-glance access to all of the most current calls from the industries most active influencers

Deeper insight into influencer performance analytics for calls on TG, X, Reddit, and more

Set limit orders, stop limit orders, and range orders within Oracle AI's platform.

Live token metrics and customizable data tables, with token charts that automatically timestamp calls

Round cloud
  1. Listing on Uniswap V2

  2. Advanced Access

    A select group of holders and marketers will be granted advanced access to our platform.

  3. Widespread Access

    Oracle will be made available for widespread access, accompanied with staking.

  4. Custom TG Bot

    Beta goes live with partnered projects.

  5. Instant Buy Technology

    Offering users instant buy technology to better serve trading needs.

  6. First-of-its-kind AI Tool

    Designed to use proprietary data to deliver unique sentiment analysis and predictive trading insights.

OracleAI revolutionizes the process of finding the next hot token

Coming soon; the Oracle AI.
A predictive system built atop KOL data analytics and user behavior.

View the latest token calls across multiple channels



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